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The Nightjar Orchestra
The Nightjar Orchestra is the name of the talented collection of musicians brought together by Simon Emmerson to create the blissful Synaesthesia soundtrack.
Blissful bird song and an orchestral score place you in the Dorset countryside on a perfect English Sunday morning. Passing through the day and into a fantastical twilight of majestic soundscapes of bird chorus you are eventually led into the heart of a still, dark forest as night closes in.

The patter of soft rain beckons in a glorious dawn chorus of rooks and jackdaws stirring all around you before the music sweeps you off again to the magical Scarborough Fair…

The Nightjar Orchestra are led by Simon Emmerson and Richard Evans plus various musicians drawn from The Imagined Village, Peter Gabriel's band and further afield including Simon Richmond, Martin Carthy, Kate Garrett, Andy Gangadeen, Ged Lynch, Ali Friend, John Metcalfe, Rose Doonan, Barney Morse-Brown, Eliza Carthy, Ben Murray, Angie Pollock, Show Of Hands, John Jones, and others.