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The Imagined Village
The Imagined Village made a significant impression with their critically acclaimed and commercially successful debut album. They toured extensively, appeared on TV’s Later, With Jools show and won out at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.
One of the most unusual collaborations of the past decade, The Imagined Village was initially developed as a loose collective of singers and musicians. The band have subsequently consolidated into a working, growing, organic aggregation. The plethora of artists and styles gives the Imagined Village it’s unique sound.

“Some people refer to this band as a folk super group, which makes me laugh as we only really have 3 bona fide folk musicians in a band of 10, all us would say the real stars of the group are not the individuals but the songs. What unites us all is our deep love of these amazing songs and tunes that have survived and grown, kept alive by anonymous individuals and enthusiasts who we owe everything to. They are the super group, not us.” – Simon Emmerson