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The Gaslight Troubadours
The Gaslight Troubadours are Professor Singleton Purblind and Lon Lippincott; a modern day Burke and Hare of sample reconstruction
The Gaslight Troubadours cite their influences as scratchy old cylinder recordings, risqué Music Hall, 221b Baker Street, old radio show thrillers and Hammer Horror. The resulting mix would make Ed Wood proud. It’s ‘Carry On Screaming’ starring Vivian Stanshall, with a dose of The League Of Gentlemen thrown in for good measure. Mock horror with glitchy beats could be one, slightly loose description.

Their debut album is entitled ‘Clockwork Curiosities’. They describe it thus: “Imagine yourself rummaging through boxes of dusty Victorian stage props in the attic of a haunted mansion whilst the wind whistles through gnarled window frames, and something ungodly howls in a nearby forest. The distant sounds of a gramophone reverberates up the staircase, combining with the eerie tap, tap, tapping on a window pane nearby. It could well sound like that, or maybe not…” The closest musical bedfellows in modern production terms would be Mo’ Wax and more specifically the likes of DJ Shadow, but with added low end bass sensibilities. It’s effectively cut & paste B-Boy culture with a twist. For example on the track ‘A Newly Created Being’ you can hear a bottle organ, a singing saw, a Teslar coil, an accordion, a Wurlitzer, old radio voices, and even a Speak & Spell toy. This is combined with Shugmonkey’s warped music hall vocals and Andy Kremer’s slinky double bass, which helps underpin a tight, funky drum break.