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From Source to Sea
12" Vinyl with USB
Walking with Ghosts

£20.00 £13.60

650 in stock

The rigorous work songs and sea shanties of ‘From Source to Sea’ will take you on a rousing journey across the sea...

When musician Simon Emmerson and his crew stumbled across a cache of seaman’s songs curated by Topic Records it was the start of an epic voyage. Topic Records have released traditional and folk music for decades and were kind enough to allow the musicians to ransack the archives, and create the From Source to Sea soundscape.

These traditional work songs and sea shanties were fused with modern day folk music.

The Walking With Ghosts band, voiced by Jackie Oates and Ben Murray accompany haunting voices from the past on a journey across the ocean.

Birdsong plays a huge part in the ‘From Source to Sea’ adventure. Birdsong recording specialists The Sound Approach opened their archive to the project allowing each track to ebb and flow around the calls of marine birds recorded in their natural environment.

"A worthwhile, respectful and warm hearted homage to the Topic catalogue and the sea tradition – ★★★★"
R2 Magazine
"Boasting an embarrassment of talent, join Walking With Ghosts on a voyage across the sea..."
Walking with Ghosts Biography