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The Spyglass & The Herringbone – Signed
Jackie Oates

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Life-affirming and uplifting

The Spyglass & The Herringbone explores lesser known but life-affirming songs from the English tradition, drawing on material dug from the archives as well as some carefully selected original works, including the title track by band member Chris Sarjent.

Production credits include Simon Emmerson (Afro Celt Sound System / The Imagined Village) and multi-BBC Folk Award nominee Ben Walker. It also sees the return of Richard Evans (Birdie), who produced Jackie’s previous albums Lullabies and Saturnine. The album features performances by names from folk and mainstream music including Jim Moray and Andy Gangadeen.

The Spyglass and the Herringbone, released in 2015, marked a departure from the quiet and tranquil tones of ‘Lullabies’. The album is a collection of joyful and summery traditional English songs with guest appearances from leading lights in the UK folk scene; Jack Rutter, John Parker, Nick Hart and Chris Sarjeant.

"Her voice is persuasively rustic and the style distinctly English"
Daily Telegraph
"Jackie has carved out an astonishing solo career."
Jackie Oates Biography