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12" Vinyl with USB – SIGNED
Sheema Mukherjee

£20.00 £6.00

ECC100 presents it’s first vinyl offering SHEEMA by SHEEMA MUKHERJEE

2 in stock

Sheema will make you hear the sitar as it is meant to be heard and take you on an intoxicating, transcendent aural journey.

Our first vinyl outing explores the sitar in all its unsung glory. Forget what you think you know about the sitar. You know nothing about the sitar. Allow us to blow your mind.

This selection from Sheema’s catalogue celebrates the versatility of the sitar as her expert hands guide us through moods, locations and genres. From driving rock to French pop, from traditional Indian ragas to British seaside outings, to the seductive Sikkim Girls onto wistful remembrances and more.

"A charming, altogether singular creation – ★★★★"
The Observer
"Sheema's eclectic and far-reaching musical influences are responsible for the rich tapestry of Eastern and Western sounds that make up her unique back catalogue"
Sheema Mukherjee Biography