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Set in Stone – SIGNED Copy
12" Vinyl with USB
Simon Richmond and John Metcalfe

£30.00 £16.00

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A journey through ancient stone circles and a descent to the centre of the Earth...

Signed by Simon Richmond

Classical composition meets electronica exploring synchronicity of the ancient and the technological, nature and artefact, the present moment and the recorded past. From conception, to live performance in a specially constructed stone circle, an aural journey to the centre of the earth and orchestral recordings at Abbey Road Studios the evolution of Set in Stone has been epic…

Having individually already worked with the likes of Blur, Morrissey, REM, Peter Gabriel and Pulp, John Metcalfe and Simon Richmond pooled their influences and experiences into a mesmerising double record inspired by ancient stone circles in and around Dorset.

It skirts around the borders between contemporary classical composition and warm electronics, exploring the textures and timelines of the South West’s spiritual relics.

With orchestral sequences recorded at Abbey Road and a live performance in situ at a stone circle, their first collaboration piles on the ambience and authenticity.

"Intrigued and inspired by stories of ancient stone circles..."
Simon Richmond and John Metcalfe Biography