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Everything Must Change
12" vinyl with USB
Orange Blossom

£16.00 £6.00

10 in stock

A rich mix of vibrant French electronica blended with world / roots melodies and rhythms – all coming together to create this iconic and much loved album.

This glorious rush of European electro beats, West African polyrhythms, Arabic and Middle Eastern melodies and all out rock captures Orange Blossom at its best. This is music to dive into, bliss out to and to make you giddy. Originally released in 2005 it is still just as relevant, joyous and stirring – a testament to the timelessness of this cross-cultural gem. All the romance and heat of an exotic holiday location without the inconvenience of leaving home.

"Middle Eastern disco worthy of Transglobal Underground in their early 90's prime – ★★★★"
"Romance, heat and exotic beats"
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