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Faster Than Turtles
12" vinyl with USB
One EskimO

£16.00 £6.00

8 in stock

Their long awaited album, ‘Faster than Turtles’, sees the band taking things to another level.

When the sinister chords of ‘Sunny Day’ make way for the drop of its first weighty kick drum you know that although the writing and vocal talents have remained constant, they are now punctuated by a complete metamorphosis sonically. This overhauled sound reflects all that was and is. This is the fresh sound found in ‘Faster Than Turtles’

Dreamy constructs of music drop you into pure imagination. One EskimO pushes you down the rabbit hole into layers of creamy sound. Imagine falling into a slow moving tumble dryer where the sounds roll over and pass through you, leaving every part refreshed, scented and just a wee bit fluffy.

"One EskimO are an animated band, fronted by four fictional characters"
One EskimO Biography