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Moving in the Dark CD & Remixed VINYL Bundle – SIGNED
12" Vinyl
Dizraeli & The Small Gods

£18.00 £12.00

1 in stock

Dizraeli’s lyrics speak his stories of life, love and loss with a playfulness and a sly sense of humour. The absurd is never far behind, and a razor thread of social commentary runs through the whole. This exclusive vinyl edition of Moving in the Dark features remixed tracks from the accompanying CD, an asset to any collector.

Dizraeli and the Small Gods connect modern hip hop and folk. A stunning live act debut a ground breaking, genre busting release.

The band set out to explore the connection between modern hip-hop and old folk forms. In the process, they’ve created music unlike anything you’ve heard: hip-hop holds down the drums over which ancient folk and classical meet the dirty edges of jazz. It’s hard-hitting and tender, head-nod and melodic in equal measures

"Organic Bristolians blend folk and hip hop seamlessly – ★★★★"
"Dizraeli & The Small Gods want to tingle your spine, nod your head and generally folk with your idea of what hip hop can be."
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