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Lullabies – SIGNED
Jackie Oates

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Jackie Oates is a phenomenon in the exploding folk scene in the UK today.

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Bringing together traditional lullabies, sleep songs and songs for children from the English folk cannon and beyond, Lullabies is an inspired collection of beautiful arrangements and unexpected additions, including a little-known Beatles cover.

In 2012 Jackie embarked on researching and making the album ‘Lullabies’, a collection of lullabies and sleep songs. A period of extensive research into archives, records, songbooks and singers from across the country, culminated in the this beautifully atmospheric album, recorded in England and Iceland alongside local musicians. The album continues to be treasured by parents and grandparents and the first generation of listeners are now regular audience attendees at gigs!

Of the album, Jackie Oates says:

“For a long time I’ve been fascinated with lullabies, often being struck by the way that, for adults, hearing them can bring back strong memories and feelings of being a child again. Over the past few months, I’ve had a wonderful time exploring my interest in these songs in more detail; from the folklore of the cradle with its superstitions and customs, to the way in which lullabies can be outlets for the many aspects of parenthood. Through these unique songs children often uncomprehendingly become a parent’s confidant, hearing of the joys, grievances and anxieties of the adult world. At other times they are moral tales, bribes for good behaviour or spells to comfort. The variety of material, style and purpose has made this a fascinating journey. What, for me, has come to light most of all has been the hidden nature of some of the richest of the traditional lullabies from England and beyond. They have been tucked away in song collections, manuscripts and memories and given little real status in the traditional song repertoire. Through this project I’m excited to be giving new life to these lullabies and to be putting a spotlight on this beautiful and very special form of song.” 

"Jackie has carved out an astonishing solo career."
Jackie Oates Biography