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Fresh Handmade Sound: Validation
Lush Spa Music

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Life-affirming statements and soft female vocals from Eliza Carthy and Jackie Oates will validate and relax you in the comfort of your own home. When composing Validation, not an easy task for anyone, Simon wanted to capture the essence of raising someone’s spirits without overdoing the ‘feel good’ music to the point of excess. He set himself the task of composing something that would reinforce the positivity of the treatment and give the feeling of losing yourself in a sea of sound; this way, your cares would slip away across the waves as you were rowed out to sea and you would feel better and brighter. Throughout the album, you can hear relaxing sounds of a tonne of petals that transitions into a traditional love song, The Smuggler, which takes you onto the deep ocean in a row boat, sailing off into the distance.

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“I grew up within hearing distance of Chesil, so making the recording was perfect. When I first had the facial, it sounded – just for a moment – as if the therapist was singing to me.” Mark Constantine

“Validation is about feeling so good about yourself that others think you must be in love. Sirens came to mind and three female voices draw the listener into a sea of dreams.” – Simon Emmerson

"The result was an innovative project, put together partly to act as a sound accompaniment to Lush’s various spa treatments and massages yet also a stand-alone musical pleasure."
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