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Fresh Handmade Sound: The Spell
Lush Spa Music

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The soundtrack to The Spell foot treatment is as supernatural as the massage. Its music is steady as clockwork, gently moved along into a calming, serene space that’s sprinkled with magic. The soundtrack encapsulates everything it is to move forward in life even when it’s difficult. Once again composed by the gracious and spectacular Simon Emmerson, The Spell is a soothing and lilting juxtaposition of yellowhammer birdsong, bluesy folk songs interspersed with some of nature’s most beautiful natural sounds. Jackie Oates suffuse Sweet Polly Oliver with such calm and emotion that the music washes over you. It’s as magical a soundtrack as you’re likely to find. The Spell is cast to dispel the problems that weigh you down and stop you from moving from forward in life.

This album will take the weight of the world from your shoulders and lift your feet off the ground. You’ll take flight with the swallows and the swifts and return to the ground feeling lighter.

“Migration by foot or wing is an annual theme for bird sound recorders. We run around recording these spring soundscapes and autumn cries. The dry song of a yellowhammer encourages the listener to walk away from the madding crowd.” – Mark Constantine

"The result was an innovative project, put together partly to act as a sound accompaniment to Lush’s various spa treatments and massages yet also a stand-alone musical pleasure."
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