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Fresh Handmade Sound: The Sound Bath
Lush Spa Music

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During your hour of massage and sound therapy at the Lush Spa, the most tranquil calm washes over you. The treatment is perfectly choreographed to the deeply soothing sound track – so much so that you become part of the orchestra as the therapist ‘plays’ you like an instrument.

The soundscape, an ethereal blend of music by Simon Emmerson of the Imagined Village, with tuning forks, church bells, Tibetan singing bowls and even bird song. Combined, your ears are filled with tuneful vibrations to balance and energize you. Your mind is cleared of all the chatter, allowing you to listen to your own inner voice. The music takes you on an incredible, peaceful journey. The destination? A thoroughly relaxed, balanced state of mind, with sharper hearing and greater mental clarity.

“Wild bird song fills the heart and lifts the spirits. Duetting between musician and bird makes this treatment a pleasure to listen to.” – Mark Constantine

“I think it’s the deepest we’ve been – musically and in terms of the way we’ve used sound and music. What we want to do is take people on a voyage into pure sound. We’re hoping that people will hear sound in a completely fresh way.” – Simon Emmerson

"The result was an innovative project, put together partly to act as a sound accompaniment to Lush’s various spa treatments and massages yet also a stand-alone musical pleasure."
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