Fresh Handmade Sound: From Source to Sea
Lush Spa Music


From Source to Sea is an incredible album that fuses folk music with heave-ho sea shanties, it is our adventurous and voyaging album. There is more than a metaphorical connection between hauling rope and kneading tense muscles in the body; the soundtrack to the intensive Good Hour and Tailor Made treatments is a collection of seamen’s songs recorded in the 50s and 60s.

“The petrel recordings are from birds seldom heard by anyone but mariners. The Sound Approach recordist spent a year collecting them. He was shipwrecked in the process but the recordings were safely zipped into waterproofs.” – Mark Constantine

“It was a massive honour and privilege for all of us working with this amazing catalogue of singers adding their own voices, arrangements and instruments. It was also great fun and I got to work with my childhood hero: Captain Pugwash.” – Simon Emmerson

Track Listing & Preview
"The result was an innovative project, put together partly to act as a sound accompaniment to Lush’s various spa treatments and massages yet also a stand-alone musical pleasure."
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