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Empire & Love
The Imagined Village

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Folk fusion supergroup The Imagined Village present a smorgasbord of old favourites and rediscovered gems.

The music on “Empire & Love” is played by Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy, Chris Wood, Simon Emmerson, Barney Morse Brown, Sheema Mukerjhee, Johnny Kalsi, Andy Gangadeen, Ali Friend and Simon “Palmskin” Richmond or the ‘Parish Council’ as they call themselves.

“Empire & Love” includes a first band recording of concert favourite ‘Scarborough Fair’ placing Chris Wood’s vocals on a bed of guitar and sitar.  It is perhaps one of the most recognizable English traditional songs, first appearing on Martin Carthy’s eponymous début album in 1965. Paul Simon learnt it from Martin when the former was touring the UK as a then-unknown American folksinger. He recorded it as one-half of Simon & Garfunkel, taking the song into millions of global bedsits. Returning home, 44 years later, the song having by now become buried in the universal consciousness, the result is thousands of audience members singing along to the version by The Imagined Village (featuring original creator Martin Carthy) at Towersey and Cambridge Folk Festivals. A traditional, yet also very contemporary, song cycle.

"The plethora of artists and styles gives the Imagined Village it’s unique sound"
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