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Clockwork Curiosities
The Gaslight Troubadours

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The Gaslight Troubadours are two enigmatic steam-powered beat maestros named Professor Singleton Purblind and Lon Lippincott.

Influenced by scratchy valve recordings of macabre Victoriana, risqué Music Hall, 221b Baker Street, old radio show thrillers, and Hammer Horror, they add a dash or two of dubstep, trip-hop, and drum n’ bass, and even summon up the spirit of Vivian Stanshall with the surreal lyricisms of Shugmonkey.

Their debut album, entitled ‘Clockwork Curiosities’, is an eclectic mix of all the above influences, and much, much more. Imagine rummaging through boxes in the attic of a haunted mansion, whilst the wind whistles through gnarled window frames, something ungodly howls in a nearby forest, and the distant sounds of a gramophone reverberates up the staircase. They could sound like that, or it might just be a great image. Anyway, it may help you visualize a very visual group, who prefer to fish on the darker side of the pond, but always with strange smiles on their faces.

" A modern day Burke and Hare of sample reconstruction"
The Gaslight Troubadours Biography