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MOJO reviews The Self Preservation Society
January 31st, 2018

We were absolutely delighted to receive this fabulous review from those enlightened and wise souls at MOJO! (We think they liked it!)

“The maverick vinyl adventures of LUSH UK founder Mark Constantine have already produced some splendidly eccentric releases, from Swedish lounge-core to Siberian bird song; but this triple disc tops them all with Eliza CarthyTeddy Thompson, Julie Tippetts, Jackie Oates and Honeyfeet among those re-imagining the more extreme pop, folk and psychedelia of the 1960s/70s in ever-more delicious ways. Dhol drummers drench the speakers on The Imagined Village‘s thrilling arrangement of Led Zepplin’s Kashmir; Barney Morse Brown passionately refreshes Sunshine of Your Love; Ríoghnach Connolly makes White Rabbit her own; Marry Waterson sounds born to sing Leonard Cohen‘s Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye and Naked King transport America to places Paul Simonnever dreamed of. Beautifully packaged it also embraces Traffic, The ByrdsThe Doors and two very different versions of Quincy Jones‘s The Italian Job theme. An inspired curiosity”

You can pick up your very own copy here!